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Peer pressure

Peer pressure

Posted Dec 2, 2010 14:10 UTC (Thu) by corbet (editor, #1)
In reply to: The dark side of open source conferences by cjl7
Parent article: The dark side of open source conferences

A clearly-worded policy saying that certain kinds of behavior are not welcome at an event seems like a fairly clear form of peer pressure, no? Especially if it motivates others to say something when they see inappropriate behavior happening.

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Peer pressure

Posted Dec 2, 2010 16:45 UTC (Thu) by cjl7 (guest, #26116) [Link]

I agree, stating what's acceptable is a good thing. But for the policy to be effective we (the attendees) need to enforce the policy as well when and if we see such inappropriate behaviour. Otherwise the policy would be worthless, no?

And I firmly believe we should be able to protest against such behaviour with or without formal policies, because we all know it's wrong!

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