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Removing setuid

Removing setuid

Posted Nov 30, 2010 10:27 UTC (Tue) by mpr22 (subscriber, #60784)
In reply to: Removing setuid by skissane
Parent article: Ghosts of Unix past, part 4: High-maintenance designs

Personally, I'd rather write if (!(child = fork())) { do_stuff(); execve(foo, bar, baz); } than ram_stuff_into_structure(&foo); child = spawn(&foo); } because the former allows me to do arbitrary stuff between fork and exec, while the latter only allows me to do things the library / kernel designers have foreseen.

As for "And with multiple threads, who ever really needs fork anyway?", how about "anyone who wants to get a useful program-readable error indication when the activity that's just been kicked off corrupts its heap, rather than having the whole kit and kaboodle come crashing down with a SEGV"?

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