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Project leader co-appearances

Project leader co-appearances

Posted Nov 26, 2010 16:59 UTC (Fri) by sladen (subscriber, #27402)
Parent article: State of the Debian-Ubuntu relationship

Stefano Zacchiroli has built that bridge stronger with the talks and sessions at the last UDSes this year. I would hope that DPL involvement at UDS is not perhaps as novel as implied, Martin Michlmayr was there at the original meetings in London and the subsequent UDS in Mataró (although focused on PhD research rather than representing Debian).

…and whilst it might have been Jorge Castro's first time at a Debconf, a certain marks@debian has been a fairly regular annual attendee of Debconf! (The last seven?).

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Project leader co-appearances

Posted Nov 29, 2010 10:17 UTC (Mon) by (guest, #14112) [Link]

There has been a substantial group of developers representing Ubuntu at DebConf since Ubuntu was created. I think that Lucas was only commenting on the presentation that Jorge gave as a new feature, as he knows this as well as anyone. :-)

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