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Control characters in file names

Control characters in file names

Posted Nov 25, 2010 3:44 UTC (Thu) by jthill (subscriber, #56558)
In reply to: Control characters in file names by Yorick
Parent article: Ghosts of Unix past, part 4: High-maintenance designs

I once considered using .^A(name)^B(value^C to implement bundles/streams/forks in a portable way, so .^Asourceurl^B^C might be a good thing to include for a saved copy of this web page. It's hard to misinterpret, unlikely to conflict or be accidentally damaged, and dead easy to implement.

To keep from eating inodes you could just hardlink them all to a conventional spot, maybe .^ABUNDLE^BTAGINODE^C at the volume root. That would also make it possible to transport the trick in tar archives. Heh. Two of the subject design choices at once. I'm proud of myself.

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