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Control characters in file names

Control characters in file names

Posted Nov 24, 2010 18:41 UTC (Wed) by brother_rat (subscriber, #1895)
In reply to: Control characters in file names by Yorick
Parent article: Ghosts of Unix past, part 4: High-maintenance designs

I don't know about "can't handle", but there are definitely quirks.

One quirk with OSX is that the GUI is consistent with earlier Macs that permitted / in filenames (when : was used as the folder separator), but as / is now restricted to be the folder separator the two characters are swapped over behind the scenes.

This causes very odd bugs with GUI tools that launch CLI utilities. For example, Hugin uses make to process photos, and make doesn't support : in filepaths. However many users put photos in folders with a date in the name, and the dates.

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