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php: double free flaw

Package(s):php CVE #(s):CVE-2010-4150
Created:November 19, 2010 Updated:April 5, 2011
Description: From the Mandriva advisory:

A possible double free flaw was found in the imap extension for php.

Gentoo 201110-06 php 2011-10-10
SUSE SUSE-SR:2011:006 apache2-mod_php5/php5, cobbler, evince, gdm, kdelibs4, otrs, quagga 2011-04-05
openSUSE openSUSE-SU-2011:0276-1 php5 2011-04-01
Debian DSA-2195-1 php5 2011-03-19
Fedora FEDORA-2010-19011 maniadrive 2010-12-17
Fedora FEDORA-2010-18976 php-eaccelerator 2010-12-17
Fedora FEDORA-2010-18976 maniadrive 2010-12-17
Fedora FEDORA-2010-19011 php-eaccelerator 2010-12-17
Fedora FEDORA-2010-19011 php 2010-12-17
Fedora FEDORA-2010-18976 php 2010-12-17
Slackware SSA:2010-357-01 php 2010-12-24
Mandriva MDVSA-2010:239 php 2010-11-19

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