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Great stuff

Great stuff

Posted Nov 19, 2010 15:14 UTC (Fri) by quotemstr (subscriber, #45331)
In reply to: Great stuff by Velmont
Parent article: The way to Wayland: Preparing for life After X

> Working on a computer all day long, I've become increasingly frustrated with its bad input system. Keyboard is very nice for writing code, but when working with big drawings/design/CSS and HTML (etc), it just doesn't cut it. I'd like to have a big screen and use my hands however I want. Do things quicker and not feel limited by the computer.

Sure. I want that too. But Wayland won't do a thing to give you these features. In fact, it'll set us all back quite a bit because we'll have to go through the "OOG THINK FIRE HOT" stage of graphics stack development all over again. If the Wayland people were serious about improving the desktop experience, they'd focus on toolkits and applications. They'd propose incremental improvements via X11 extensions as countless hard-working, serious, and professional people have done. Instead, Wayland proponents are wasting everyone's time by foisting an inferior solution to a solved problem on hapless users of major distributions.

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