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A report from OpenSQLCamp

A report from OpenSQLCamp

Posted Nov 16, 2010 20:47 UTC (Tue) by BuggyFunBunny (guest, #71272)
In reply to: A report from OpenSQLCamp by nix
Parent article: A report from OpenSQLCamp

-- Speaking as a SQL expert (to some degree: I've been using it constantly for about twenty years and can make it dance to my tune by now), that's because it's one of the most abominably awful excuses for a language ever to have been inflicted on the programming public

There's a reason for that: SQL *was not* specified by Codd, but by Chamberlin, who has graced us with xQuery. He was not part of Codd's group, and had been with IMS (the original hierarchical datastore; xQuery now makes sense, yes?). Legend has it that Armonk was so pissed at Codd for working out a better datastore than IMS just a couple years after IMS's release that they purposely anointed Chamberlin.

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