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A more detailed look at kernel regressions

A more detailed look at kernel regressions

Posted Nov 11, 2010 7:24 UTC (Thu) by error27 (subscriber, #8346)
In reply to: A more detailed look at kernel regressions by nlucas
Parent article: A more detailed look at kernel regressions

It's too late now, but if you had a reliable reproducer script and had git-bisected the patch before a kernel was released with the bug then the patch would absolutely have been reverted.

Anyway I can assure you that there is zero percent chance that anyone has looked at your bug in the last four months.

People don't look at bugzilla entries if someone has already responded to it. This cuts down on duplication of effort which is good but if the first guy doesn't solve your problem then you're screwed so that's bad.

Another part of why other people don't get involved is that it's just too difficult to get any information out of bugzilla once people start adding comments. In this bug, we have to read through 18 comments to find that the last working kernel was Most of the comments are just noise.

Q: "Can you run this test?"
A: "Ran it. No difference."
Q: "What about this test?"
A: "Same thing"
Q: "Ok. I have to make a phone call will work on this tomorrow"
A: "Ok"
Q: "Can you test this on jffs2?"
A: "Tested for 30 minutes. Works!"
Q: "Excellent. Please try this patch."
A: "Actually I spoke too soon earlier. It failed after an hour."

And on and on and on...

If would help if bugzilla had a "Problem Summary" and a "Solution Summary" thing that could be updated. I'm certainly not going to read through 60 comments to try figure out what's going on.

The thing to do is to write up a summary and send it to the list. Also paste it in your bugzilla entry.

Even though it's too late to just revert the patch which caused the bug it would still be useful to do a git bisect. That way you know who is responsible to fix your bug and you can CC them when you send your message to the email list.

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Better Bugzilla Features

Posted Nov 11, 2010 18:35 UTC (Thu) by ccurtis (guest, #49713) [Link]

I concur. According to the developers, Bugzilla does have these features. You just have to add them yourself.

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