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Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter #217

From:  "Jonathan Carter (highvoltage)" <>
Subject:  Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter #217
Date:  Mon, 08 Nov 2010 15:53:06 -0500
Message-ID:  <>
Archive-link:  Article

Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue 217 for the weeks October
17th - November 7th, 2010.

== In This Issue ==

 * UWN Catchup, Help the Graner Family
 * Ubuntu 11.04 to Ship Unity
 * Unity on Wayland
 * Emmet Hickory replaces Richard Johnson on Community Council
 * Ubuntu Cloud Community Needs You
 * Yes, we did it: is up now!
 * Ubuntu Stats
 * First Mountain View Ubuntu Hour
 * Meet Ian Booth
 * New Features for Bug Supervisors
 * Stéphane Graber: Edubuntu live now available online
 * Daniel Holbach: Much Imporved Harvest Online Again
 * Randall Ross: Wither Brainstorm
 * Matt Zimmerman: Ubuntu and Qt
 * Valorie Zimmerman: Listening to Our Better Angels
 * Raphaël Hertzog: Managing distribution-specific patches with a common
source package
 * Jorge Castro: How I use Banshee
 * Ubuntu, open source apps use on the rise: Linux Users Group
 * Donate your bandwidth to support Ubuntu downloads
 * Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat: One Hit, One Miss
 * Level Up to IPv6 with Ubuntu 10.10 on Comcast
 * Boosting Ubuntu's Productivity: 20 Tips
 * Ubuntu Netbook 10.10: Usability vs. Constraints
 * Unity and uTouch
 * Banshee becomes Ubuntu 11.04 default music player
 * Mark Shuttleworth talks about Project Harmony, Unity, Windicators and
 * Mark Shuttleworth denies move to "Open Core"
 * London Stock Exchange Sets a New World Record in Trade Speed Using Linux
 * Canonical Highlights Touch Support on Ubuntu Netbooks
 * Ubuntu UK Podcast S03E19 - If we only knew
 * Full Circle Podcast #13: The One Where You're a Rabbit
 * Ucasts 0003: Update Manager Introduction
 * Weekly Ubuntu Development Team Meetings
 * Upcoming Meetings and Events
 * Updates and Security
 * UWN Sneak Peek

== General Community News ==

=== UWN Catchup, Help the Graner Family ===

We've been a bit silent over the last three weeks. This has been in part
due to the very busy Ubuntu Developer Summit, but also because our great
editor, Amber Graner had the misfortune of her house being burnt down
during UDS leaving nothing left. Fortunately, her family (including the
dog) are safe and unharmed.

This issue will be a bulk issue covering news items from the last three
weeks. If we missed something, please let us know and we'll be delighted
to include it in the next issue.

A fundraiser has been established to help the Graner family. If you are
interested, please read further on the Ubuntu-News site:

=== Ubuntu 11.04 to Ship Unity ===

Mark Shuttleworth just announced at the Ubuntu Developer Summit in
Orlando that we will be shipping the Unity environment in the Ubuntu
desktop edition. Unity is the environment we shipped on the Ubuntu
Netbook Edition for the first time in Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat, and
users and OEMs have been enjoying the experience. It is an environment
that is inspired by great design, touch, and a strong and integrated

I think this is a fantastic opportunity for Free Software, and this is
going to be a busy cycle. We have a lot of work to do, and we know that
quality is a firm focus for this release, and we have identified a solid
set of issues we need to focus on and resolve, but I know the final
product will be something that we will all be proud of. Another key
focus is performance; we have already started porting Unity from Mutter
to Compiz and the initial work is much faster, most notably on hardware
that has traditionally had the most trouble from bug reports. Quality
meets design meets performance. Together as a community we can make this

There is going to be some questions about this decision in relation to
GNOME. I want to make something crystal clear: Ubuntu is a GNOME
distribution, we ship the GNOME stack, we will continue to ship GNOME
applications, and we optimize Ubuntu for GNOME. The only difference is
that Unity is a different shell for GNOME, but we continue to support
the latest GNOME Shell development work in the Ubuntu archives.

=== Unity on Wayland ===

Mark Shuttleworth announced on his blog that the next major step for
Unity is to deliver it on the Wayland display server. While this will be
a big transition for Ubuntu, Mark states that it doesn't need to cause a
reset in the way we run software. Software that will not be ported to
work with the new display server will still be able to run under an X
server compatibility mode.

Related projects such as uTouch will be ported to Wayland as well, but
timelines are somewhat tricky. Mark walks through the thought process
behind the decision and how it could impact future hardware support on

=== Emmet Hickory replaces Richard Johnson on Community Council ===

Due to a range of other commitments, Richard Johnson has stepped down
from the Ubuntu Community Council.

The current members of the CC want to thank Richard Johnson for all the
work he put into Ubuntu Governance. He will be missed. Everybody wishes
him all the best on his next endeavors.

Emmet Hikory is replacing Richard Johnson, based on the outcome of the
last Community Council vote.

Welcome aboard Emmet!

=== Ubuntu Cloud Community Needs You ===

"I'm interested in Ubuntu and the cloud, how do I get involved" is a
question I got a few times already. I thought it would be a good idea to
answer this as a blog post. I believe one of the very first things you'd
want to do, is to make sure you're on the main communication channels,
talking to the community, asking questions, seeing other questions being
answered, trying to answer some yourself, sharing opinions and generally
"connecting" with the rest of the community. That is a great first step.
So I'll highlight the main communication venues for the Ubuntu cloud
community, as well as a way to get kick-started.

Places to be:

 * Ubuntu Cloud Forums, while pretty young, there has been a pretty good
stir in the forums. While IRC and mailing lists may be more focused on
"asking questions", the Forums are a great way to get in touch with
other community members. To share your experience building your private
clouds, the hardware used, software configuration, tuning and
optimization, challenges faced, ... Come and join in, if you would like
to ask questions, or if you would like to share opinions, tips or
tricks, get on the forums and make a splash :)
 * The Ubuntu-Cloud mailing list is a great technical resource where
most of the experts and developers are subscribed. For very technical
discussions, questions, feature suggestions, RFEs and development
discussions then the mailing list is a great resource.
 * The EC2Ubuntu mailing list is a great resource that focuses on
running Ubuntu in the Amazon EC2 public cloud. This list is active with
a wealth of information on the topic.
 * IRC chat has long always been a primary real-time communication tool
used by free software enthusiasts. The Ubuntu cloud IRC room is
(surprise, surprise) `#ubuntu-cloud` on Freenode. Jump in, and engage

Once connected, the things that you can do include playing with the
latest technology, such as creating yourself a private UEC (Ubuntu
Enterprise Cloud) instance, verifying that the latest features work as
advertised, reporting and fixing bugs, suggesting features, designing
and implementing new projects to advance the state of Ubuntu on the
cloud. Whilst the community is very welcoming, I definitely understand
that we need to create better new-comer friendly engagement paths-more
hand-holding if you will. A better mentoring programme from senior
members as well as low-hanging fruit are things that the Ubuntu cloud
and server communities need to identify and improve in order to make it
easier to attract and engage fresh talent.

=== Yes, we did it: is up now! ===

Ruben Romero updates us to let us know that the new
website is up and ready for use. Spreadubuntu is a community website
where user contributed marketing materials are made available for
remixing and general consumption.

== Ubuntu Stats ==

=== Bug Stats ===

 * Open (85226) +1676 over last week
 * Critical (36) +5 over last week
 * Unconfirmed (43148) +1171 over last week

As always, the Bug Squad needs more help. If you want to get started,
please see

=== Translation Stats Lucid ===

 1. English (UK) (5415)
 2. Spanish (9751)
 3. Brazilian Portuguese (31103)
 4. French (41345)
 5. Turkish (52435)

Remaining strings to translate in Ubuntu 10.10 "Maverick Meerkat", see
more at:

=== Ubuntu Brainstorm Top 5 this week ===

 * Resizing of two connecting windows should be easier -
 * The current result of votes, being visible, influences the users
actual vote. -
 * Usability study: how easy is Ubuntu/Linux for newbies? -
 * Brainstorm ideas are often improperly submitted -
 * Additional functions for Shotwell -

Ubuntu Brainstorm is a community site geared toward letting you add your
ideas for Ubuntu. You can submit your own idea, or vote for or against
another idea.

=== Ask Ubuntu Top 5 Questions and Contributors this week ===

 * How to restore Windows XP menu entry in GRUB? -
 * Printing Envelopes in OpenOffice -
 * How do I set environment variables in an Emacs session launched from
Gnome Panel? -
 * Wireless ad-hoc network between Ubuntu and MS Windows -
 * keyboard shortcut or command line to mute/unmute a microphone -

== LoCo News ==

=== First Mountain View Ubuntu Hour ===

Elizabeth Krumbach reports back on the first ever Ubuntu Hour held in
Mountain View, California. Thirteen people attended, and proposals for
more Ubuntu Hours, in other regions close by are in the works. Read
Liz's blog entry for more details on what the Californian LoCo team have
been up to!

== Launchpad News ==

=== Meet Ian Booth ===

Ian is the latest addition to the Launchpad Code team, associated with
managing and importing branches, merge proposals, code reviews;
Bazaar-Launchpad integration; the XML-RPC and web services APIs. Matthew
Revell interviews him and find out more about why he's interested in

=== New Features for Bug Supervisors ===

Deryck Hodge provides an update on new features being rolled out out on
Launchpad as the team moves to a continuous deployment model. There are
some bug fixes that have been rolled out that affects how tags are
treated, who are able to set targets and locking of the "Fix Released"
status. Read Deryck's post for all the details.

== The Planet ==

=== Stéphane Graber: Edubuntu live now available online ===

Edubuntu has been available on Live DVD for a few releases now, but what
if a DVD is too big for you just to try it out? Stéphane reports on a
new web based live system that allows you to try out Edubuntu from
within your browser. In the future users will also be able to try out
development releases without having to download or install.

=== Daniel Holbach: Much Imporved Harvest Online Again ===

Daniel reports that Harvest, the tool for locating easy opportunities to
get involved in Ubuntu is now back online. The new version is written in
Django, it now has a release cycle and also includes package set
information. There was also a Harvest session at UDS for those who were
interested in getting involved with the project.

=== Randall Ross: Wither Brainstorm ===

Randall comments on the lack of development currently happening around
ideas in Ubuntu Brainstorm. Brainstorm is a website where users can
submit ideas and vote them up or down. Randall urged developers
attending UDS-N to give Brainstorm a visit and look at the top ideas.

=== Matt Zimmerman: Ubuntu and Qt ===

Matt has been thinking about Qt recently and how it may apply to
Ubuntu's desire to allow making applications easier and more efficient.
Matt notes that Qt has a good history on ARM as well as x86, that Qt is
cross-platform among all major operating systems and that it already has
a fairly mature touch input system.

=== Valorie Zimmerman: Listening to Our Better Angels ===

Valorie talks about assaults against women that have occurred recently
within free software communities and that these happen more often than
many of us realize. She talks about her experiences in the Ubuntu
community and how she feels that the Code of Conduct makes the Ubuntu
community a safer environment for everyone. Valorie calls on other
projects to implement similar codes and comments about some of the newer
conduct discussions currently taking place in the Ubuntu community.

=== Raphaël Hertzog: Managing distribution-specific patches with a
common source package ===

Raphaël walks us through a new feature in the Debian 3.0 (quilt) source
package format that allows a packager to apply a patch to a specific
distribution. This feature can be incredibly handy to a package
maintainer who would, for example, like a patch to be applied in the
Ubuntu version but not in the Debian versuib, allowing the change to be
made just once and reducing future packaging efforts.

=== Jorge Castro: How I use Banshee ===

Jorge walks us through how he usually uses Banshee on a day-to-day
basis, demonsrated with an informative and instructional video. The
video covers how to manage your play queues and also how Banshee
remembers which songs you've skipped before, and at what point, in order
to guess which songs you would like to hear next.

== In The Press ==

=== Ubuntu, open source apps use on the rise: Linux Users Group ===

Diana Nguyen from Techworld interviews Melissa Draper from Sydney's LUG.
"Linux is breaking into wider mainstream use in Australia, with schools
and government agencies leading the charge", says Melissa. "? The
majority of computer users just need to be able to type up a report,
send an email, read blogs, and watch funny cat videos on YouTube."
Draper also attributed the increasing use of Ubuntu in more educational
institutions, government agencies and businesses to its affordability.
For the full article, please go to:

=== Donate your bandwidth to support Ubuntu downloads ===

Phil Shapiro from an online edition of Computerworld explains the
difficulty in downloading an Ubuntu ISO shortly after the release. He
invites users to utilize BitTorrent technology in order to help others
get more bandwidth when downloading the releases. For the full article
go to:

=== Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat: One Hit, One Miss ===

Doug Roberts from the Linux Journal tests two editions of the new Ubuntu
Maverick Meerkat release. His desktop edition test was perfect, but the
netbook edition - UNE - was far from that, which is a "miss" in his
book. Doug's full article is available at:

=== Level Up to IPv6 with Ubuntu 10.10 on Comcast ===

David Ames from breaks the news about Comcast allowing you to
use IPv6 on its network and shows you how to configure an Ubuntu 10.10
system to use this feature. "If Comcast is your ISP, you can get started
using IPv6 on Linux right away, with just a few simple steps. Ready to
join the next-generation network? We'll show you how to get Ubuntu 10.10
on Comcast IPv6 in no time", says David. For the full tutorial please go to:

=== Boosting Ubuntu's Productivity: 20 Tips ===

Matt Hartley from the Datamation (an publication) offers 20
tips that "...saved me countless hours of wasted time, while making my
life with Ubuntu easier in general". These include tips for backing up
your data automatically, ideas for updating Ubuntu at specific times,
using various utilities like Gnome Do for enhancing productivity, tips
for using email securely, and many others. For the full list of tips go to:

=== Ubuntu Netbook 10.10: Usability vs. Constraints ===

Bruce Byfield, from the Datamation reviews latest edition of the UNE
(the Ubuntu Netbook Edition) and discusses the constraints of the small
screen computers and usability issues that come as a result. He also has
a critique of the choices the were made for this edition of Ubuntu and
raises some problems that he had with the interface. For the full
article, please go to:

== In The Blogosphere ==

=== Unity and uTouch ===

Gary Carr posts about how uTouch works on Unity and will be even better
for Unity in 11.04. He also includes a video showing some of the tricks
for using Unity on a touch device.

=== Banshee becomes Ubuntu 11.04 default music player ===

OMG!Ubuntu reports on the intended switch to Banshee as the default
music player for Ubuntu 11.04. Banshee will replace Rythymbox in this role.

=== Mark Shuttleworth talks Project Harmony, Unity, Windicators and more ===

OMG!Ubuntu reports on Mark Shuttleworth's Q&A during the Ubuntu Open Week.

== In Other News ==

=== Mark Shuttleworth denies move to Open Core ===

Bradley Kuhn blogged about Mark Shuttleworth's Ubuntu Q&A Session from
the Ubuntu Open Week and commented specifically on some parts that he's
skeptical of. Specifically, he made some assumptions about Canonical's
strategy which Mark Shuttleworth provided some clarity on in an
interview with ITwire.

=== London Stock Exchange Sets a New World Record in Trade Speed Using
Linux ===

The London Stock Exchange is claiming that it has set a new world record
in trade speeds, this comes as a result of the implementation of a new
Linux based core to their systems, moving away from a Microsoft .NET
technology that had  previously in use for a few years. This switchover
occurred in tandem with a recent study by Fortune Magazine which claimed
that corporate America is choosing open source solutions ahead of
proprietary alternatives. For the full article, follow the link below:

=== Canonical Highlights Touch Support on Ubuntu Netbooks ===

During the past several months Canonical has developed projects that
focus on the touchscreen niche that seems to be fast emerging. The link
below goes into detail regarding these projects, specifically the uTouch
gesture library and the Unity interface, the link also contains a video
demonstrating the two libraries in action.

== Featured Podcasts ==

=== Ubuntu UK Podcast S03E19 - If we only knew ===

Laura Cowen, Ciemon Dunville, Alan Pope, Tony Whitmore and Mark Johnson
unite to bring you episode 19 of season 3 of the Ubuntu Podcast from the
UK LoCo Team!

=== Full Circle Podcast #13: The One Where You're a Rabbit ===

This issue of the Full Circle Podcast covers a review of issue 42 of the
Full Circle magazine, recent news, coverage of UDS, Ubuntu the Movie,
Minecraft, gaming and more.

=== Ucasts 0003: Update Manager Introduction ===

Alan Pope provides an introduction to using Update Manager to update the
system. Covering the basic configuration options and how to update the

== Weekly Ubuntu Development Team Meetings ==

=== Ubuntu Development Weekly Team Report links ===

 * Ubuntu Desktop Team Meeting Minutes for October 19th, 2010
 * Ubuntu Mobile Team Meeting Minutes from October 19th, 1010
 * Ubuntu Server Team Meeting Minutes for October 19th, 2010

== Upcoming Meetings and Events ==

=== Monday, 8 November 2010 ===

==== Security Team Catch-up ====
 * Start: 18:00 UTC
 * End: 18:30 UTC
 * Location: IRC channel #ubuntu-meeting on
 * Agenda: nothing formal, just a weekly Weekly Ubuntu Security Team
catch-up meeting. Anyone is welcome to join if they wish to watch or

=== Tuesday, 9 November 2010 ===

==== Asia - Oceania RMB Meeting ====
 * Start: 10:00 UTC
 * End: 11:00 UTC
 * Location: IRC channel #ubuntu-meeting on
 * Agenda:

==== Ubuntu Mobile Team Meeting ====
 * Start: 13:00 UTC
 * End: 14:00 UTC
 * Location: IRC channel #ubuntu-meeting on
 * Agenda:

==== Desktop Team Meeting ====
 * Start: 16:30pm
 * End: 17:30pm
 * Location: IRC channel #ubuntu-desktop on
 * Agenda:

==== Kernel Team Meeting ====
 * Start: 17:00 UTC
 * End: 18:00 UTC
 * Location: IRC channel #ubuntu-meeting on
 * Agenda: Not listed as of publication

==== Ubuntu Bugsquad Monthly Meeting ====
 * Start: 18:00 UTC
 * End: 19:00 UTC
 * Location: IRC channel #ubuntu-bugs on
 * Agenda:

=== Wednesday, 10 November 2010 ===

==== Ubuntu Beginners Team Meeting ====
 * Start: 00:00 UTC
 * End: 01:00 UTC
 * Location: IRC channel #ubuntu-meeting on
 * Agenda:

==== Weekly Ubuntu Foundations team meeting ====
 * Start: 16:00 UTC
 * End: 17:00 UTC
 * Location: IRC channel #ubuntu-meeting on
 * Agenda: Found under
 * Info:

==== Edubuntu Meeting ====
 * Start: 19:00 UTC
 * End: 20:00 UTC
 * Location: IRC channel #ubuntu-meeting on
 * Agenda:

==== Jono Bacon @ Home Videocast : Various Topics and Q+A ====
 * Start: 19:00 UTC
 * End: 20:00 UTC
 * Location:
 * Agenda: This is a weekly videocast by the Ubuntu Community Manager,
Jono Bacon in which he discusses a range of topics and provides a
regular weekly Question and Answer session

==== QA Team Meeting ====
 * Start: 20:00 UTC
 * End: 21:00 UTC
 * Location: IRC channel #ubuntu-quality on
 * Agenda:

==== Accessibility Team Meeting ====
 * Start: 21:00 UTC
 * End: 22:00 UTC
 * Location: IRC channel #ubuntu-accessibility on
 * Agenda:

==== Ubuntu Women Team Meeting ====
 * Start: 21:00 UTC
 * End: 22:00 UTC
 * Location: #ubuntu-women-project on

=== Thursday, 11 November 2010 ===

==== Ayatana UX team meeting ====
 * Start: 13:00 UTC
 * End: 13:30 UTC
 * Location: IRC channel #ubuntu-meeting on
 * Agenda: * Introductions * Review team charter * Organize first UX
activity * Brainstorm future UX activities

=== Saturday, 13 November 2010 ===

==== Ubuntu IRC Council Meeting ====
 * Start: 21:00 UTC
 * End: 22:00 UTC
 * Location: IRC channel #ubuntu-meeting on
 * Agenda:
== Updates and Security for 6.06, 8.04, 9.04, 9.10, 10.04 and 10.10 ==

=== Security Updates ===

 * USN-1004-1: Django vulnerability -

=== Ubuntu 6.06 Updates ===

 * None Reported

=== Ubuntu 8.04 Updates ===

 * acroread 9.4-1hardy1 -

=== Ubuntu 9.04 Updates ===

 * python-django 1.0.2-1ubuntu0.2 -

=== Ubuntu 9.10 Updates ===

 * acroread 9.4-1karmic1 -
 * adobereader-deu 9.4-1karmic1 -

=== Ubuntu 10.04 Updates ===

 * adobeair -
 * clamav 0.96.3+dfsg-2ubuntu1. -
 * qoauth 1.0-2ubuntu4~lucid1 -
 * eglibc 2.11.1-0ubuntu7.4 -
 * choqok 0.9.85-0ubuntu2~lucid1 -
 * linux-meta-lts-backport-maverick -
 * acroread 9.4-1lucid1 -
 * adobereader-deu 9.4-1lucid1 -
 * app-install-data-partner -
 * update-manager 1:0.134.11 -
 * gnome-exe-thumbnailer 0.7-0ubuntu1~lucid1 -
 * wine1.2 1.2-0ubuntu6~lucid5 -
 * python-django 1.1.1-2ubuntu1.1 -
 * arkeia 8.2.10-1 -
 * kubuntu-docs -
 * icoutils 0.29.1-0ubuntu1~lucid -
 * adobeair 1: -

=== Ubuntu 10.10 Updates ===

 * adobeair -
 * libgpod 0.7.95-1 -
 * kde4libs 4:4.5.1-0ubuntu8 -
 * kdebase-runtime 4:4.5.1-0ubuntu3.1 -
 * clamav 0.96.3+dfsg-2ubuntu1.1 -
 * josm-plugins 0.0.svn23040-1~ubuntu0.1 -
 * unity 0.2.46-0ubuntu5 -
 * bluedevil 1.0~rc4-0ubuntu2.1 -
 * simple-scan 2.32.0-0ubuntu2 -
 * gnome-settings-daemon 2.32.0-0ubuntu3 -
a follow-up post. * qtmobility 1.0.2-2ubuntu0.1 -
 * cryptsetup 2:1.1.2-1ubuntu1.1 -
 * linux-linaro 2.6.35-1007.13 -
 * virtinst 0.500.3-2ubuntu1.1 -
 * netbook-meta 2.035 -
 * acroread 9.4-1maverick1 -
 * adobereader-deu 9.4-1maverick1 -
 * python-django 1.2.3-1ubuntu0.1 -
 * ubuntu-sso-client 1.0.4-0ubuntu1 -
 * xfce4-indicator-plugin 0.0.1-2ubuntu1 -
 * linux-meta-linaro -
 * vm-builder 0.12.4-0ubuntu1.1 -
 * silc-client 1.1.7-1ubuntu0.1 -
 * software-center 3.0.5 -
 * app-install-data-partner -
 * lxdm 0.2.0-0ubuntu3.1 -
 * alsa-lib 1.0.23-1ubuntu2.1 -
 * gcalctool 5.32.0-0ubuntu2 -
 * cluster-glue 1.0.6-1ubuntu1.1 -
 * pulseaudio 1:0.9.22~0.9.21+stable-queue-32-g8478-0ubuntu21.1 -
 * simple-scan 2.32.0-0ubuntu3 -
 * linux-ti-omap4 2.6.35-903.16 -
 * kubuntu-docs -
 * plasma-widget-yawp 0.3.5-0ubuntu1~lucid1 -
 * evolution 2.30.3-1ubuntu7 -
 * pitivi 0.13.5-1ubuntu3 -
 * evolution-exchange 2.30.3-0ubuntu2 -
 * php5 5.3.3-1ubuntu9.1 -
 * rhythmbox-ubuntuone-music-store 0.1.9-0ubuntu1 -
 * dragonegg 2.8-0ubuntu1 -
 * gcalctool 5.32.0-0ubuntu3 -
 * libdrm 2.4.21-1ubuntu2.1 -
 * openldap 2.4.23-0ubuntu3.2 -
 * simplecommeubuntu 10.10 -
 * bzr 2.2.1-0ubuntu1 -
 * cups 1.4.4-6ubuntu2.1 -
 * evolution-data-server 2.30.3-2ubuntu2 -
 * alsa-utils 1.0.23-2ubuntu3.2 -
 * adobeair 1: -

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