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.NET binaries

.NET binaries

Posted Nov 8, 2010 14:53 UTC (Mon) by pr1268 (subscriber, #24648)
Parent article: Wine gets better, but not perfect, with age

> Another target is to ship Mono with Wine to run .Net applications.

I thought one could run .NET binaries (semi-)natively in Linux with a "Kernel support for MISC binaries"-enabled kernel. Wouldn't running these through WINE be substantially slower?

I, for one, do appreciate the hard work the WINE developers have done, as I use several Windows applications in Linux (mostly games). Thank you.

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.NET binaries

Posted Nov 8, 2010 23:39 UTC (Mon) by johnflux (guest, #58833) [Link]

In practise, most .net programs rely on the native windows libraries - "winforms" ( This is the part that wine supplies.

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