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openSUSE Conference results overview

From:  Andreas Jaeger <>
Subject:  openSUSE Conference results overview
Date:  Thu, 28 Oct 2010 15:13:37 +0200
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Hi all,

We are in the process of setting up a press mailinglist, however we already 
had a little piece of information we wanted to share so we did it this way.

For your convenience an overview of the results of the oSC in cliffnote form. 
These notes will form the basis for a article later today, 
do with it what you like. The article will go live between 2200 and 2400 
Amsterdam/Berlin/Paris time or 1600 and 1800 EST.

Jos Poortvliet, Andreas Jaeger
and the openSUSE marketing team
 Andreas Jaeger, Program Manager openSUSE,  aj@{,}
  Twitter: jaegerandi | Identica: jaegerandi
   SUSE LINUX Products GmbH, GF: Markus Rex, HRB 16746 (AG Nürnberg)
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openSUSE conference results

This year 30% more visitors from 225 to 290. Many comments on well organized conf. Real community
event, not a corporate dictator telling people what their plans for next year are. Great peer
interactions. Several non-openSUSE distribution visitors claimed oSC better than their 'home
conference' ;-)
Thomas Thym: it's really a community:
Peter Grash enjoyed the hugs:
Impression of conference:

Announcement from Frank Karlitschek of Project Bretzn. team developers is working with Nokia,
openSUSE and Intel on the integration of Appstore technology in the whole stack automating the
whole process of packaging, publishing and promoting applications for the developer. They have
integration with Qt Creator (other IDE's coming) and use OBS and the FDo OCS. App stores include
the MeeGo Garage, and work is on OVI and Intel Appup. Discussions about Bretzn at
the conference - decided to have a Developer Sprint with openSUSE developers to further discuss

Introduction of Smeegol by Andrew Wafaa and Michael Meeks

openSUSE proud to host first LibreOffice conference track - many people interested, LibreOffice
going very strong - every time you meet Michael Meeks he'll tell you a bigger number which stands
for the number of people who have joined the ranks of LibreOffice hackers. See Very good community building going on. LibreOffice
will be integrated in openSUSE soon see Introduction of Google Summer of Code
work on LibreOffice. Miklos Vajna rewrote the RTF Export and added lots of missing features , Jonas Jensen added direct editing of
mathematics formulas . Florian
Effenberger spoke about The Document Foundation and LibreOffice 

Collaboration Accross Borders theme results:

Andreas Florio from openSUSE LXDE (and earlier the openSUSE Edu team) met Christoff who gave a talk
about Groupware. Works at Kolab GmbH and is responsible for LXDE in Fedora. discussed upsteaming
their patches and cooperating on creating a common pattern of applications which fit in well with
LXDE; they hacked lxpolkit into shape so it could replace gnome polkit for LXDE. Andreas was
sponsored to come.

Collaboration between infrastructure (eg Xorg, kernel) and desktop (GNOME, KDE) people

Pulse-audio devs Colin Guthrie, Lennart Poettering and Scott Reeves at conference - first time
face2face meeting of Colin, Lennart and Scott. See

systemd workshop: Lennart Poettering, Harald Hoyer (Red Hat/Fedora) and Kay Siever, Werner Fink etc
(Novell/openSUSE) discussing systemd. In the evening further discussions how to integrate it.
Consensus reached it will be integrated in 11.4 as it is much better than Upstart.

OBS news: - OBS generator getting better,
many discussions on how to improve it. Would make code -> final package much easier. Used by Frank
Karlitschek's team in Bretzn. Colin Guthrie: Mageia is seriously looking at using OBS. OBS now has
experimental building for Microsoft Windows (!). and of course intro on latest release:

Harald Hoyer (Red Hat/Fedora) discussed Dracut, new MKINITRD replacement. He is working with
openSUSE devs and has created a Build Service project:

<h2>openSUSE education track</a>
A special Educational track had talks about the progress on openSUSE Edu-L.i.f.e and the
applications it ships as well as many other educational topics. The goal of the openSUSE Edu team
is to cater for students, educators as well as parents and the software they develop, package and
ship has everything required to make computers productive for either home or school usage.

Over 30 teachers, distribution developers and upstream developers discussed topics including X2go
and thin client computing in general, several openSUSE based educational distributions, opsi, a
Client Management System for Windows clients based on Linux servers, groupware (including
openXchange), PyKota printing accounting software, the KIOSK tool and more. The Educational track
at the openSUSE conference 2010 was extremely successful and the team has a lot of work ahead to
integrate all the results!

many slides are available at the conference pages (schedule or contributions).

To help us get better please send feedback to
Next year: about the same time, we are already thinking about the location and date.

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