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KS2010: A staging process for ABIs

KS2010: A staging process for ABIs

Posted Nov 2, 2010 22:23 UTC (Tue) by buck (subscriber, #55985)
Parent article: KS2010: A staging process for ABIs

One way to ease the pain of ABIs might be to insist that an ABI have
an API that lives in userland that client code could depend on not
changing and have whoever sponsors the ABI inclusion commit to main-
taining the API and making sure it works across kernel versions, no
matter the ABI stability. At worst, if the commitment is broken,
the API can be fixed by some responsible user and everybody dependent
on the feature would benefit. And changes to the API could even be
countenanced apart from the kernel, by the concerned community, re-
gardless of how stable/unstable the ABI is

Or is this just a way of introducing inefficiency, complexity and
bugs (on top of what the user is liable to do already)?

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KS2010: A staging process for ABIs

Posted Nov 3, 2010 15:06 UTC (Wed) by njs (guest, #40338) [Link]

This is what they do now, just the boundary between the compatibility interface and the real implementation lies inside the kernel, not in userspace. I'm not sure what difference it would make to move that outside -- it's still the same amount of code to be maintained, and now you introduce potential version skew issues.

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