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Make the Correct Thing Easy

Make the Correct Thing Easy

Posted Oct 28, 2010 14:18 UTC (Thu) by darrint (guest, #673)
Parent article: Shielding driver authors from locking

"If people don't get locking right we need to educate them, not encourage them to understand even less of it." Reading that quote flabbergasted me. I'm floored. KO'ed.

Lets take the great insidious Medusa of programming, spread it's execution over possibly hundreds of people and somehow "educate" them so they all execute correctly and things come out well in the end.

No way should we take time get the locking right once and let people focus on their individual areas of expertise.

How does one, over a ten plus year engineering career arrive at an opinion that on the face of it is utter madness. (I'm genuinely curious. Maybe I'm wrong but...)

Division of labor is the foundation of modern civilization. While it's important that the participants in these division be educated and have knowledge of how their actions impact other divisions, that should not preempt the implementation of the division itself.

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