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Distribution quotes of the week

The surprise controversy this week was that I removed /usr from the list of default mount points in the UI. That doesn't mean you can't still use it. It just means you have to type it in manually as opposed to choosing it from a drop down. The rationale is that Fedora in general does a pretty bad job of supporting /usr on its own mount point. We do such a bad job that even the install guide recommends against it.

Well, someone actually read the anaconda changelog (which is probably the most surprising of all) and decided to comment. The whole mail thread was focused on whether or not Fedora as a whole should allow /usr on its own partition so it was really only tangentially about anaconda. We largely stayed out of the conversation and it kind of died without any real conclusion. The more interesting parts of the thread were about per-user /tmp which doesn't really have anything to do with the initial post.

-- Chris Lumens

In a way, it's not all that different from what Moblin and Maemo did. They used GNOME technologies with a different shell. We were ok with that because they were expanding into new markets - netbooks and tablets - and because it didn't seem like a step away from GNOME but a step forward with GNOME. Canonical's move with Unity is similar. Except that they aren't starting from scratch, they are moving from a traditional GNOME desktop to Unity. So we feel the change more.
-- Stormy Peters
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