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DRM vs. Free Software.

DRM vs. Free Software.

Posted Oct 21, 2010 15:59 UTC (Thu) by Seegras (guest, #20463)
In reply to: DRM vs. Free Software. by dwmw2
Parent article: How not to recognize free hardware

I don't see any point of mentioning DRM at all. Either I can take full control of the device and run whatever code I want, in which case its "Open Hardware", or I can't. In which case it's short of a fucking brick.

Of course, DRM-schemes do hamper adoption of free software, but only in respect of people not being able to play/process the content they want, because said schemes are probably not implemented in free software (out of fear the scheme might be defeated -- which of course is stupid in the first place; a working DRM is a mathematical impossibility). But DRM belongs to the "Open Content" and "Open File Formats" debate, and has nothing whatsoever to do with hardware in the first place.

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