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why the surprise?

why the surprise?

Posted Oct 21, 2010 9:16 UTC (Thu) by wingo (guest, #26929)
Parent article: How not to recognize free hardware

I dunno, Jon. You seem to be focused on "free hardware" to the exclusion of the more broad theme of "user freedom" -- that the FSF is simply expanding their sphere of interest from software to hardware.

Note, such an expansion must necessarily bring software freedom along for the ride! And given that it's the FSF, is it surprising that it's the FSF's definition of software freedom? Did you expect the FSF to give the OSI's definition of "open source"?

An opportunity to recognize and promote freedom-supporting hardware has been lost, and that is a sad thing.

Does it logically follow that the FSF's efforts to support freedom-supporting software is also an opportunity lost?

If you want pragmatic, you are looking to the wrong place if you look on -- rightfully so, IMO, but I thought this would be obvious.

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