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The state of Linux gaming

The state of Linux gaming

Posted Oct 15, 2010 18:55 UTC (Fri) by oak (guest, #2786)
In reply to: The state of Linux gaming by josh
Parent article: The state of Linux gaming

Your list's good and most of those games actually seem to be included to the Fedora games spin linked in the article:

It also lists some good games that you missed. :-)

Some of the games you list aren't included (even to whole Fedora) due to licensing reasons:

Of the ones that you list, e.g. following very good & polished games which are in Debian seem to be missing from that spin: neverputt, hex-a-hop, openttd (is in Debian in contrib although license says GPL?).

I might include to the "Good Games" list also following games available in Debian (i.e. compatible with Fedora policies), but not listed by you nor included into Fedora Games spin:

- "XBoing", 2D Breakout or "Briquelo", 3D Breakout
- "Tomatoes", 3D multiplayer "dynamiting in dungeon" game
- "Monsters", variant on Crack Attack
- "Luola", multiplayer "cave-flying/fight"
- "Xpilot", networked multiplayer "cave-flying/fight"
- "Barrage", bomb everything in sight
(when you have only couple of minutes...)
- "Tower Toppler", "Nebulus" clone

Regarding last one, there are also some nice children games like "CircusLinux".

Many years ago this was also fun, but it's not anymore included into distros:

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