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Merge Commits

Merge Commits

Posted Oct 12, 2010 20:58 UTC (Tue) by SEJeff (subscriber, #51588)
In reply to: Merge Commits by daglwn
Parent article: Lessons from PostgreSQL's Git transition

All of bans merge commits and we have no problems.

Actually, I took those commit hooks and adopted them where I just set up an internal git repo. It makes the history look much cleaner.

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Merge Commits

Posted Oct 12, 2010 23:06 UTC (Tue) by smurf (subscriber, #17840) [Link]

Wrong. That filter just blocks commits with auto-generated merge comments at their tip.

It does nothing to prevent one from "properly" merging a feature branch into mainline. That's a LOT less restrictive than PostgreSQL.

Merge Commits

Posted Oct 13, 2010 12:12 UTC (Wed) by SEJeff (subscriber, #51588) [Link]

Ah I was incorrect. Thats a very good point you make there. Using git without the amazing merge capabilities just seems wrong.

It seems like if they want to force git to behave like cvs, they should just use svn.

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