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The state of Linux gaming

The state of Linux gaming

Posted Oct 8, 2010 13:56 UTC (Fri) by jondkent (guest, #19595)
Parent article: The state of Linux gaming

Although the games list previously are intersting, it is nevertheless the case that these are quite, well, old. We are also using contributed gaming engines which are very dated.

There is little escaping from the fact the gaming on Linux, by which I mean gaming in the light of World of Warcraft, Modern Warfare and alike, has no equilivants on Linux (please, do not say 'but what about Doom/Quake').

'World of Goo' was amazing, and I wish there would be more like that, but at present this does not seem to be happening.

Then and again, I never play games on my Windows (sinner) box anymore either, I just use a console, as do a large portion of people I know, so if this market for Windows games is shrinking (assumption based on small survey), can we expect these type of games for Linux which is an even smaller market? The number of games for MACOS is only just starting to pick up.

My 2c worth

- Jon

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