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Quotes of the week

When you build software in Java and the JVM, you are being locked into only running it on a platform controlled by a single company - Oracle. Oracle is working to maintain this platform control, by refusing to remove the field of use clauses in the TCK, effectively preventing Apache Harmony from ever being able to ship a real release. The lawsuit against Google also confirms Oracle belief about using their control of the platform aggressively.
-- Paul Querna

As Roozbeh noted, Unicode 6.0 came out yesterday. Somewhat fittingly (given it having been National Coming Out Day), it adds

Unfortunately most people will probably be looking at small boxes with numbers in there for a while yet, which is probably a wonderful metaphor but I'm not quite sure for what.

-- Matthew Garrett

Please pull the changes below, I've forgotten about them for too long now. They've been in my tree long enough to develop a full colour, an exquisite bouquet and a nutty, slightly cheddary flavour. It's just too good, I can't hold that back from anyone. Best enjoyed with crack(ers), because clearly anyone who tackles grab code needs that anyway.
-- Peter Hutterer
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Quotes of the week

Posted Oct 16, 2010 0:17 UTC (Sat) by lonely_bear (subscriber, #2726) [Link]

Look for the unicode characters in ^_^

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