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Default passwords

Default passwords

Posted Sep 30, 2010 14:12 UTC (Thu) by NAR (subscriber, #1313)
In reply to: Default passwords by epa
Parent article: BruCON: How to take over the world by breaking into embedded systems

Generate a random password and print it on a sticker on the underneath of the device.

That's an extra couple of cents...

make a small switch on the front panel that must be pressed to enable administration mode

That's a couple of cents also and really unfeasible if let's say the wireless router is somewhere in the attic while the computer with keyboard is downstairs...

A third alternative would be to disallow administration over the wireless network

So you couldn't administer it if you only have wireless devices and don't happen to have a UTP cable at home...

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Default passwords

Posted Sep 30, 2010 14:57 UTC (Thu) by dlang (subscriber, #313) [Link]

you can't use your access point at all if you don't have a UTP cable, so they helpfully include one in the box.

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