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The impact of the HDCP master key release

The impact of the HDCP master key release

Posted Sep 30, 2010 2:12 UTC (Thu) by PhracturedBlue (subscriber, #4193)
Parent article: The impact of the HDCP master key release

There is a potential benefit for video capture. There has continually been a threat (so far not acted upon as far as I know) that providers would require STBs to provide degraded output on the analog/component outputs, and only allow full HD to go out on HDCP compliant outputs. So for folks who want a PVR that captures HD, the current Hauppague HDPVR may not be a solution forever. Additionally, the audio can be sent of HDMI as well, meaning that re-encoding audio+video may result in an overall better result that the current Hauppague offering. I assume you'd still have an H264 (or equivalent) hardware encoder, as mentioned in the article. So, this may have benefit for PVRs down the road, though it is not clear it would be legal to sell such a product in the US.

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The impact of the HDCP master key release

Posted Sep 30, 2010 14:48 UTC (Thu) by n8willis (subscriber, #43041) [Link]

That's true; I assume you're referring to Selectable Output Control (SOC), which the MPAA petitioned the FCC about earlier this year -- I don't think it has been used or announced yet. I'm not entirely clear how bad the analog output "downgraded" by SOC is, though -- I believe numbers were thrown around that were still higher than DVD resolution, so recompressed 1080i (since SOC is a broadcast tech) might not be discernibly better. I believe the SOC is banned from use on anything that is (a) currently available on physical media or (b) will *never* be available on physical media, such as live events. That seems like a weird set of constraints, but it's designed to plug up the money-hole for 90 days so MPAA can charge for digital 'rentals' before they sell discs of the same content (presumably to the same people).

Good point about the audio, although I did not mention it because I was under the impression that digital HD audio over other connectors (eg, SPDIF) is always accessible even if HDCP HDMI is used for video.


The impact of the HDCP master key release

Posted Oct 3, 2010 18:46 UTC (Sun) by Baylink (guest, #755) [Link]

Since *all* of this technology is about content producers being able to sell the same content to the same consumers over and over again...

And *none* of it has the first thing to do with commercial piracy...

I'm a bit surprised at the tone of the piece. Enough so to put myself through typing a longer-than-4-word reply on my blackberry keyboard. :-)

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