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Fast interprocess messaging

Fast interprocess messaging

Posted Sep 16, 2010 6:47 UTC (Thu) by nikanth (guest, #50093)
In reply to: Fast interprocess messaging by nikanth
Parent article: Fast interprocess messaging

Ah.. this was already discussed.
To use /proc/$pid/mem the process needs to be ptraced.
May be that restriction will be removed instead of new syscalls.

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Fast interprocess messaging

Posted Sep 16, 2010 10:26 UTC (Thu) by intgr (subscriber, #39733) [Link]

Another problem with opening /proc/*/mem is that every process needs to keep a file handle open for every other process that it wants to communicate to. So if you have N processes communicating to each other, they will need N2 file handles total. Now I'm not sure if this actually matters in the HPC world, they have tons of memory anyway... Just a thought.

The alternative is opening the mem file for each message, send it and close it again. Maybe it works sufficiently well with the VFS scalability patches, but it still seems inefficient.

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