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A look inside the OCFS2 filesystem

A look inside the OCFS2 filesystem

Posted Sep 13, 2010 16:15 UTC (Mon) by topher (guest, #2223)
In reply to: A look inside the OCFS2 filesystem by Cato
Parent article: A look inside the OCFS2 filesystem

Oracle's recent behavior has served as an excellent reminder that they are a purely profit driven corporation with no ethics or qualms about screwing over competitors, or the community, if they feel it is in their best interest.

However, in this specific case, I don't think there's a concern. Oracle pushed hard to get OCFS2 into the mainline Linux kernel, and have benefited from it being there. OCFS2 is the recommended file system for Oracle RAC installations, and that is unlikely to change in the future.

I wouldn't recommend turning my back on Oracle, but as long as they can gain more from OCFS2 being freely available and unencumbered than they can otherwise, I expect it'll remain that way. And having seen what they charge for Oracle RAC licensing, they're making money on OCFS2, indirectly, quite well.

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