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Posted Sep 9, 2010 13:05 UTC (Thu) by ebiederm (subscriber, #35028)
In reply to: revoke by djm
Parent article: Where are the non-root X servers?

And revoke(2) only works on a small set of devices. It is the general case that is tricky.

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Posted Sep 9, 2010 15:01 UTC (Thu) by Tobu (subscriber, #24111) [Link]

X isn't the general case, revoke() on a small set of devices is exactly what it needs.

Kernel interfaces should be introduced for a purpose. The trickier interface for mmapped files is a pointless distraction; there is a risk getting it wrong, a cost in maintaining it, and no obvious benefit in supporting it.


Posted Sep 9, 2010 18:50 UTC (Thu) by ebiederm (subscriber, #35028) [Link]

In the special case mmap isn't a problem either, it is already solved for all sysfs files.

I am slowly working the on what is essentially revoke functionality from the direction of hardware hotplug. If someone working on the input subsystem wants to contact with me so we can conspire together to fix this I would be more than happy to work with them.

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