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Can Fedora Ship on Time?

Can Fedora Ship on Time?

Posted Sep 5, 2010 10:13 UTC (Sun) by drago01 (subscriber, #50715)
Parent article: Can Fedora Ship on Time?

The fact that we slip is a *feature* IMO not a bug. Whats the point in trying to force a deadline and provide less features or more bugs for the sake of avoiding a one or two week slip?

None? OK so nothing to see here move on ...

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Can Fedora Ship on Time?

Posted Sep 6, 2010 13:39 UTC (Mon) by mmcgrath (guest, #44906) [Link]

Because in the real world we're expected to set and keep deadlines. Anything less then that is amateur.

Can Fedora Ship on Time?

Posted Sep 6, 2010 13:52 UTC (Mon) by mmcgrath (guest, #44906) [Link]

I should be more clear here. Trying to force a deadline is only part of the problem. You're looking at the deadline as the problem and generally it's not.

Missing a deadline is a symptom of the problem:

1) Changes get made later in the cycle instead earlier.
2) We try to cram too much stuff into a release

The stance that slipping is a feature opposed to just forcing a deadline would be true if people if people were arguing for forcing a deadline but AFAIK no one is. What the discussion is about is how to fix 1 and 2 above so we make the deadline naturally.

Can Fedora Ship on Time?

Posted Sep 7, 2010 18:27 UTC (Tue) by drago01 (subscriber, #50715) [Link]

No it is not amateur at all. How is slipping ONE OR TWO WEEKS because we found an undressed bug is being "amateur" ?

Amateur would be if we keep slipping with no end in sight "one more week, one more week, one more month" or if we ignored the bug and said "but but the deadline is in 2 days we have to ship on time".

That being said yeah it does make sense to try to avoid that "last minute bugs" but when they happen (and they will sometimes) it isn't the end of the world like some are viewing it.

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