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Can Fedora Ship on Time?

Can Fedora Ship on Time?

Posted Sep 2, 2010 16:49 UTC (Thu) by jengelh (subscriber, #33263)
Parent article: Can Fedora Ship on Time?

Well if every release slips, they once again align nicely :-)

>it wouldn't "stop people trying to cram fixes/changes in at the last minute."

Strange. The kernel has a working stoppage model. (Linus and the "1-week" merge window.)

>Fedora's relatively short lifecycle after being released makes it an unlikely candidate for many projects even if it were on time.

Being on time is *everything* and the only thing that counts. Time is money, remember. Ubuntu has the same neckbreaking pace and arguably even less of a QA base, but they force it out the door on time.

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Can Fedora Ship on Time?

Posted Sep 2, 2010 18:26 UTC (Thu) by jspaleta (subscriber, #50639) [Link]

Apples to oranges comparison..or is it an blueberry to eggplant comparison.

Ubuntu's time based development model strongly leverages Debian's much looser development model. It could be argued that the very loose development model that Debian has is a pre-condition for Ubuntu to exist at all. You really can't hold up Ubuntu's development model by itself as a workable model in-and-of-itself. To understand the how's and why's of the Ubuntu workflow, you have to incorporate Debian's development model as Ubuntu is a derived distribution which rebases from Debian.


Can Fedora Ship on Time?

Posted Sep 2, 2010 22:27 UTC (Thu) by smoogen (subscriber, #97) [Link]

Doesn't Ubuntu have a whole month to hit its target? That might work better for Fedora too.. instead of saying that the release will be October 15th, 2010.. it says October 2010 but try to hit October 1st and slip til October 30th. [If I am misunderstanding the Ubuntu schedule.. my apologies in advance.]

Can Fedora Ship on Time?

Posted Sep 2, 2010 22:55 UTC (Thu) by jspaleta (subscriber, #50639) [Link]

That could be argued that normally yes the month is the publicly communicated target for final release. But I think they have hard dates inside the process they shoot for, so you'd have to do an historic analysis of those interior dates.

For 10.10 they are specifically trying to hit 10.10 as a release date.


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