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A licensing change for syslog-ng

A licensing change for syslog-ng

Posted Sep 1, 2010 8:32 UTC (Wed) by bazsi (guest, #63084)
In reply to: A licensing change for syslog-ng by flewellyn
Parent article: A licensing change for syslog-ng

Being the default in Linux distributions may not be the only, ultimate goal. I agree that it is probably too late for Fedora or Debian to change back.

But lots of people are currently running syslog-ng, and others are installing them from source/distribution packages, yet others are including syslog-ng in their products.

And for them this license change may be reassuring.

Being late is always better than never in my opinion, and doing the right thing with regards to making a living from free software is not an easy ride. Getting it wrong and learning from the mistakes is at least as important as doing it right from the beginning.

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A licensing change for syslog-ng

Posted Sep 1, 2010 10:01 UTC (Wed) by rahulsundaram (subscriber, #21946) [Link]

A step in the right direction but still fails short IMO. The question that needs to be answered explicitly is what your approach is going to be if someone submits a open source patch that implements the functionality of a proprietary plugin you are making money out of. The friction or high possibility of that is a important factor in Fedora picking rsyslog over syslog-ng.

A licensing change for syslog-ng

Posted Sep 1, 2010 11:56 UTC (Wed) by bazsi (guest, #63084) [Link]

This was answered previously in my blog post here:

Quote: "once a feature is in the scope of syslog-ng (and being a feature in the commercial edition certainly proves that point) and a working implementation is contributed on the syslog-ng mailing list, then I hereby state that we are willing to include it in the main syslog-ng distribution."

But please read the complete post for more details.

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