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A very grumpy editor's thoughts on Oracle

A very grumpy editor's thoughts on Oracle

Posted Aug 17, 2010 15:49 UTC (Tue) by yokem_55 (subscriber, #10498)
Parent article: A very grumpy editor's thoughts on Oracle

Is there any information on Oracle's copyright claims against Google? I've seen rumblings that the dex java bytecode to dalvik bytecode compiler may be incorporating bits of the original java class libraries into the resulting dx file, instead of replacing them with the harmony derived ones. Or is Oracle trying to claim copyright on the API of the java class libraries?

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IP issues

Posted Aug 25, 2010 9:00 UTC (Wed) by Blaisorblade (guest, #25465) [Link]

The article mentions possible copyright issues on the specification - which would be crazy (i.e. prevent independent reimplementations by default). It is true that the Java license seems to have an exception for proper reimplementations which excludes subsets and supersets (for the standard namespaces), and this probably covers reuse of the specification.

Anyway, here's an old article forecasting this lawsuit, because of the patent issues:

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