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Seems like CADT all over again

Seems like CADT all over again

Posted Aug 12, 2010 9:57 UTC (Thu) by bockman (guest, #3650)
In reply to: Seems like CADT all over again by mhm
Parent article: A look at GNOME Shell

And so what?
Of course people that contribute for fun will prefer re-writing to fixing bugs (*). Then it is expected that people making a profit of it - from simply using it to packaging and distributing it - will do the most boring parts.

It is a system far from perfect, but the important thing is that in many (most?) cases IT WORKS. The proof is that many people make use of open source software with no more troubles than using close source software owned by some company.

(*) Although as a developer (not of OSS) I think that hunting and fixing bugs _is_ fun. The non-fun part is dealing with people that believes a particular behavior is a bug only because they don't like it.

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Seems like CADT all over again

Posted Aug 12, 2010 15:30 UTC (Thu) by paulj (subscriber, #341) [Link]

It's not fun if you're a user. Every developer of packages is the user of a much, *much* greater number of packages.

I'm a relatively long time user of free software desktops, and I have to say the regular breakage due to rewrites isn't fun. Indeed, my anecdotal view of things, based on other people in my local LUG who've been around quite a while, is that this breakage of important existing functionality (sometimes for little to no functional gain) is driving users away from Free Software desktops (typically to OS-X).

It's kind of a tragedy of the interests of the individual hacker over that of the community. While the individual hacker obviously feels much happier working on new and exciting code, the community at large and over time suffers from the fact the system never converges on stability (0.8 followed by 0.8, just buggy in different ways, as per JWZ).

Seems like CADT all over again

Posted Aug 12, 2010 20:55 UTC (Thu) by boudewijn (subscriber, #14185) [Link]

And at the very same time people are complaining that KDE 4.5 hasn't moved away from HAL yet...

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