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Unworkable request

Unworkable request

Posted Aug 5, 2010 16:02 UTC (Thu) by coriordan (guest, #7544)
In reply to: Unworkable request by nix
Parent article: Balancing accessibility and software freedom

Not really.

Most software developers faced with a software problem will not have the time to code up a fix, or don't know the language used, or don't know the library APIs. I'm a software developer, but when my web browser crashes, or if I need to open an .xyz file in GIMP and it doesn't work, I don't starting looking at source code.

What I'm saying is, the exception is limited to a small subset of software developers. It's not a general exception saying that users can ignore the ethical limits if they're software developers.

In fact, it's not really related to being a developer (anyone can become a developer, or hire a developer), it's more related to having the intention to make a general solution for everyone for the problem you are faced with.

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Unworkable request

Posted Aug 8, 2010 20:15 UTC (Sun) by nix (subscriber, #2304) [Link]

Oh, I agree with the intent-to-make-a-general-solution stuff... but this often seems to be used as an excuse to condemn people who dare use non-free $whatever, e.g. RMS's response to Raman. And that is quite different, and much worse. (e.g. what does RMS think Raman should do? Drop emacspeak and everything else he's doing in favour of spending huge amounts of time on text-to-speech stuff instead, just so he can talk to RMS without getting condemned? Yeah, that's gonna fly.)

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