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kernel: dns_resolver upcall security issue

Package(s):kernel CVE #(s):CVE-2010-2524
Created:August 3, 2010 Updated:June 20, 2011
Description: From the Red Hat bugzilla:

CIFS has the ability to chase MS-DFS referrals. In order to do this it has to be able to resolve hostnames into IP addresses. For this, it uses the keys API to upcall to the cifs.upcall userspace helper. It then resolves the name and hands the address back to the kernel.

The dns_resolver upcall currently used by CIFS is susceptible to cache stuffing. It's possible for a malicious user to stuff the keyring with the results of a lookup, and then trick the server into mounting a server of his choosing.

Oracle ELSA-2013-1645 kernel 2013-11-26
Debian DSA-2264-1 linux-2.6 2011-06-18
Ubuntu USN-1083-1 linux-lts-backport-maverick 2011-03-03
Ubuntu USN-1074-2 linux-fsl-imx51 2011-02-28
Ubuntu USN-1074-1 linux-fsl-imx51 2011-02-25
MeeGo MeeGo-SA-10:38 kernel 2010-10-09
Fedora FEDORA-2010-18983 kernel 2010-12-17
openSUSE openSUSE-SU-2010:0664-1 Linux 2010-09-23
SUSE SUSE-SA:2010:040 kernel 2010-09-13
Mandriva MDVSA-2010:172 kernel 2010-09-09
Fedora FEDORA-2010-14235 kernel 2010-09-08
SUSE SUSE-SA:2010:039 kernel 2010-09-08
openSUSE openSUSE-SU-2010:0592-1 kernel 2010-09-08
Ubuntu USN-1000-1 kernel 2010-10-19
CentOS CESA-2010:0610 kernel 2010-08-11
Red Hat RHSA-2010:0610-01 kernel 2010-08-10
Fedora FEDORA-2010-11412 kernel 2010-07-27
Fedora FEDORA-2010-11462 kernel 2010-07-27

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