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Legal Announcements

BusyBox and the GPL Prevail Again (Groklaw)

Groklaw has the latest ruling from Conservancy v. Best Buy. "One of the defendants was Westinghouse Digital Technologies, LLC, which refused to participate in discovery. It had applied for a kind of bankruptcy equivalent in California. Judge Shira Scheindlin of the Southern District of New York has now granted Software Freedom Conservancy, a wing of Software Freedom Law Center, triple damages ($90,000) for willful copyright infringement, lawyer's fees and costs ($47,865), an injunction against Westinghouse, and an order requiring Westinghouse to turn over all infringing equipment in its possession to the plaintiffs, to be donated to charity. So, presumably a lot of high-def TVs are on their way to charities." Given that the defendant is in bankruptcy, one should not hold one's breath waiting for those TVs, but, as the article points out, this ruling cannot fail to get the attention of the other defendants.

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Articles of interest

Reddit interviews Richard Stallman

Reddit has posted an extensive interview with Richard Stallman. "The main shortcoming of Linux is at the level of device support. The obstacle there isn't a lack of ability among Linux developers, but rather the use of devices whose specs are secret. Finishing the HURD would not advance us at all in supporting these devices. The work that is needed is at the driver and firmware level. That's why our high priority task list includes items relating to free drivers, but not the HURD."

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Oracle shuts down open source test servers (iTnews)

Here's a report on iTnews saying that Oracle has abruptly shut down a set of servers used to perform quality assurance on PostgreSQL releases. "Sun Microsystems - and for a short time its new owner Oracle - had provided three member servers to ensure PostgreSQL was stable on the Solaris operating system. The development of PostgreSQL had been supported by Sun - which contributed DTrace support, amongst other features to the database platform. At the start of July, Oracle shut down its three PostgreSQL build farm servers without warning, leaving the PostgreSQL community rushing to find replacements."

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New Books

Free (as in Freedom) Debian Book In The Making

Roland Mas and Raphaël Hertzog have announced their intent to translate their French Debian administration book into English. "The resulting book will be published under a Debian Free Software Guidelines-compliant license if we manage to collect the 25000€ that will allow us to complete this translation in good conditions."

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HTML5: Up and Running--New from O'Reilly

O'Reilly has released "HTML5: Up and Running" by Mark Pilgrim.

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Head First WordPress--New from O'Reilly

O'Reilly has released "Head First WordPress", A Brain-Friendly Guide to Creating Your Own Custom WordPress Blog, by Jeff Siarto.

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FSFE Newsletter August 2010

The Free Software Foundation Europe Newsletter for August 2010 is out. "The focus of this edition is Free Software in the public sector: on a national level within the United Kingdom, in the Italian region of Bozen, and in the Austrian city of Linz. We introduce a new definition and of mnemonic Open Standards, and invite you to participate in upcoming local Free Software events."

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CE Linux Forum Newsletter: July 2010

The July issue of the CE Linux Forum Newsletter covers Embedded Linux Conference Europe Speakers, LinuxCon Japan Schedule, and the eLinux wiki Android Portal.

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Education and Certification

LPI Launches Enterprise-level "Virtualization" Exam

The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) has launched the "Virtualization and High Availability" exam elective for their LPIC-3 certification program. "Exam development for the LPI-304 "Virtualization and High Availability" included extensive consultation with industry, a global Job Task Analysis survey amongst IT professionals, and close to a hundred "beta" exams at a series of special events around the world. These "beta" exams were offered to qualified IT professionals in order to establish the psychometric data necessary to ensure exam questions and objectives were relevant and of the highest quality."

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Meeting Minutes

Minutes from the Wesnoth licensing meeting

Developers working on Battle For Wesnoth recently held an IRC meeting to discuss the Apple App Store port and other situations which make GPL license compliance hard. "The point was generally agreed that this meeting was about where our boundaries are, and not specifically about Apple; other platforms we are considering present similar issues. Android (with AT&T's apparent removal of the 'allow third party apps' button) and PalmOS were specifically mentioned as imminent porting targets." Numerous proposals can be found in the minutes, but no decisions have yet been made.

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Upcoming Events

Desktop summit scheduled for August, 2011

The GNOME and KDE projects have announced that they will be holding a joint desktop summit in Berlin in August, 2011. "The 2011 Desktop Summit will build on the first Summit's success. More than 1,000 contributors from more than 50 countries are expected to attend the 2011 event in Berlin. In addition to members of the GNOME and KDE development community, the conference will also attract many participants in the overall FLOSS community from local projects, organizations, and companies."

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Events: August 12, 2010 to October 11, 2010

The following event listing is taken from the Calendar.

August 10
August 12
LinuxCon Boston, USA
August 13 Debian Day Costa Rica Desamparados, Costa Rica
August 14 Summercamp 2010 Ottawa, Canada
August 14
August 15
Conference for Open Source Coders, Users and Promoters Taipei, Taiwan
August 21
August 22
Free and Open Source Software Conference St. Augustin, Germany
August 23
August 27
European DrupalCon Copenhagen, Denmark
August 28 PyTexas 2010 Waco, TX, USA
August 31
September 3
OOoCon 2010 Budapest, Hungary
August 31
September 1
LinuxCon Brazil 2010 São Paulo, Brazil
September 6
September 9
Free and Open Source Software for Geospatial Conference Barcelona, Spain
September 7
September 9
DjangoCon US 2010 Portland, OR, USA
September 8
September 10
CouchCamp: CouchDB summer camp Petaluma, CA, United States
September 10
September 12
Ohio Linux Fest Columbus, Ohio, USA
September 11 Open Tech 2010 London, UK
September 13
September 15
Open Source Singapore Pacific-Asia Conference Sydney, Australia
September 16
September 18
X Developers' Summit Toulouse, France
September 16
September 17
Magnolia-CMS Basel, Switzerland
September 16
September 17
3rd International Conference FOSS Sea 2010 Odessa, Ukraine
September 17
September 18
FrOSCamp Zürich, Switzerland
September 17
September 19
Italian Debian/Ubuntu Community Conference 2010 Perugia, Italy
September 18
September 19
WordCamp Portland Portland, OR, USA
September 18 Software Freedom Day 2010 Everywhere, Everywhere
September 21
September 24
Linux-Kongress Nürnberg, Germany
September 23 Open Hardware Summit New York, NY, USA
September 24
September 25
BruCON Security Conference 2010 Brussels, Belgium
September 25
September 26
PyCon India 2010 Bangalore, India
September 27
September 29
Japan Linux Symposium Tokyo, Japan
September 27
September 28
Workshop on Self-sustaining Systems Tokyo, Japan
September 29 3rd Firebird Conference - Moscow Moscow, Russia
September 30
October 1
Open World Forum Paris, France
October 1
October 2
Open Video Conference New York, NY, USA
October 1 Firebird Day Paris - La Cinémathèque Française Paris, France
October 3
October 4
Foundations of Open Media Software 2010 New York, NY, USA
October 4
October 5
IRILL days - where FOSS developers, researchers, and communities meet Paris, France
October 7
October 9
Utah Open Source Conference Salt Lake City, UT, USA
October 8
October 9
Free Culture Research Conference Berlin, Germany

If your event does not appear here, please tell us about it.

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