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On the scalability of Linus

On the scalability of Linus

Posted Jul 2, 2010 23:19 UTC (Fri) by gerdesj (subscriber, #5446)
Parent article: On the scalability of Linus

This "problem" is one that afflicts any organization - distribution of directorial workload.

In the case of my (UKoGB) company we have three equal directors - the Triumvirate model. It works very well for us. Two directors outvote the other. However it depends on our particular circumstances, in this case we all three are founders and share a common set of goals (I think!) Its worked pretty well for 10 years so far.

In the case of Linux, Linus is the founder and quite rightly has defaulted to being the benevolent dictator.

Linux has, of course, changed somewhat beyond a notification to comp.os.minix. The Linux kernel is an enormous collaborative effort with a huge number of stakeholders, contributers and users. Yet Mr T is still enthusiastically running the show with a pretty shrewd eye.

If you want the status quo to change then convince Linus to promote trusted people to equal partnership to distribute the load. Its his baby - he gets to choose who they are.

Either that or fork your own - good luck!

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