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ARM and BOARD config files

ARM and BOARD config files

Posted Jun 28, 2010 13:47 UTC (Mon) by HalfMoon (guest, #3211)
Parent article: ARM and defconfig files

Dropping defconfigs causes one new problem: no longer is it practical to just take a kernel tree and build for a board; you've got to do a bunch of homework to find some board-specific config working with that board. Consult lots of board docs (if you can even find them!) and enable all the board-specific hardware. Workable, yes, but this creates new obstacles for embedded developers. And they have too many of them already.

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ARM and BOARD config files

Posted Jul 3, 2010 4:13 UTC (Sat) by NightMonkey (subscriber, #23051) [Link]

Wouldn't it be nice if the board manufactures just gave you a .config file for their board? They put the effort into making the board docs, it doesn't seem like much more effort to match that spec with the kernel .config. Even if the .config they offer for download starts to get stale, you're one "make oldconfig" away from a working .config.

I can dream, can't I? ;)

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