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Rockbox 3.6 and beyond

Rockbox 3.6 and beyond

Posted Jun 26, 2010 0:06 UTC (Sat) by stolennomenclature (guest, #40166)
Parent article: Rockbox 3.6 and beyond

I will not be very happy to see the demise of standalone mp3 players. These modern generic one-size-fits-all devices need to have a large screen to be useful in that role, so they are relatively big and heavy. I have never used one but I am willing to bet that sound quality is not high on their list of priorities - I like the best sound quality I can get. Some dedicated mp3 players do have good sound quality (Sansa Fuze, Cowon D2, etc). I have never understood how people can fall in love with a phone, nor why anyone would want to carry one with them. Now a mobile toilet would actually be useful - but for me the best thing about phones used to be that they were fixed and you could get away from them. As to these PMP devices, I fail to comprehend who would want to watch a movie on a 5 or even a 7 inch screen (most movies these days are'nt worth watching even on a large screen). You can stick all these multi-function gadgets as far as I am concerned.
As for Rockbox, it is a great piece of software, and I can hardly wait for them to release the Fuze V2 version so that I can finally listen to iTunes songs on it without having to convert them into Flac files first.

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