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Poseidon Linux 3.2

Poseidon Linux 3.2

Posted Jun 24, 2010 12:54 UTC (Thu) by kov (subscriber, #7423)
Parent article: Poseidon Linux 3.2

Building distributions seems to be the solution my fellow nationals find for any problem on earth. While still hard to find brazilian contributors in upstream projects, or even doing useful work such as writing documentation, there is a plethora of distros being released everywhere, reinventing wheels (poorly, I'm afraid, most of the time).

It's an easy way to get your name on publications with a rather small amount of work - it's much easier to rebrand ubuntu, pre-install a number of packages and go announce it in than it is to contribute something useful to existing projects. The funny thing is non-technical enthusiasts fall in love with the (sometimes labeled 100% brazilian, for lols) 'product' of these 'hard workers' (and end up with a poorly maintained black box, of course).

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Poseidon Linux 3.2

Posted Jul 11, 2010 14:33 UTC (Sun) by Gonzalo_VC (guest, #68717) [Link]

Poseidon Linux is a customized "distro", based now on Ubuntu (and has the blessing of Canonical). It is OK "to stand on the shoulder of giants" to get were you want. In this case, a group of GNU/Linux lovers wanted a distro that contained various packages they use at the university and to make it easy to other colleagues less "initiated" in Linux. It is a distro for students, professors, scientists. It is not a pamphlet of "made in Brazil from scratch zero" to get on BR-Linux! [I don't understand your critics here]. By the way there are several contributions from third world programmers and users to the system itself, so it is not a mater of "vampirizing" others people work. This is not what the FSF and GNU are about, by the way. There is no gun on your chest to "contribute with the code or go away", is it? Spreading the good news is working for GNU/Linux too! ;-) If someone thinks Poseidon is useful, he/she can download it and use it, without having to find, installing (or get a special script to do so) several packages that he/she may need right away, codecs, plug-ins, etc., what saves time and headaches (thank you, Poseidon!!!). If it is not useful for you, you get another one, right??!! Some people love Slackware, Debian, RedHat... the good, pure and charismatic mother-distos. Others like the derivative and more friendly great ones (Ubuntu, Mandriva, SuSE, CentOS...). And others a special flavour derivation from any of them. OK! Vive la liberté! I use all of them (mainly the Debian family). I guess any one with knowledge and time to do so can build his own distro, getting the kernels, the environment, the packages and ensambling the puzzle. Is this better morally? Or can you get another already organized distro and add some, remove other packages, and customize it untill you get what you need/want!? And I think it is a good propaganda for Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian and other distros when people build something based on them! It is still THEIR work that matters; they are the pioneers! This is free software, open source and community day-by-day. Long live Poseidon, Ubuntu and Debian! Enjoy them as it pleases you.

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