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ARM and defconfig files

ARM and defconfig files

Posted Jun 17, 2010 16:12 UTC (Thu) by dmag (guest, #17775)
Parent article: ARM and defconfig files

Once again, Linus getting grumpy leads to neat stuff. Picking a defconfig file for a bare ARM chip brings in too much useless stuff (someone else's choices for SLAB allocator, LCD support, etc). As the article says, it's rare to use one without changes. Heck, how many people use the default x86 kernel config without changing something before compiling?

In fact, I think "make menuconfig" should save the set of "local overrides". This file could be copied from one kernel version to the next, instead of the entire .config. It will also make it trivial to see what things you've messed with.

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ARM and defconfig files

Posted Jun 18, 2010 0:31 UTC (Fri) by ppisa (subscriber, #67307) [Link]

I see as most fundamental design flaw, that config files has
not defined negative answer (CONFIG_xxx=n) as valid and stored
option. This would allow to use config fragments which could
override previously selected defaults and values from system
provided config_def files. The Debian system uses some way
how to combine config fragments already.

Other problem is, that the kconfig should allow export
of options touched by user and config file should hold
classification of value origin

kconfig_default automatic_select default_config user

This would allow fragment export even in future kconfig
based tools run. The internals of kconfig already provide
mechanisms which could be base for such options management.

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