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Rockbox 3.6 and beyond

Rockbox 3.6 and beyond

Posted Jun 16, 2010 16:32 UTC (Wed) by spotter (subscriber, #12199)
In reply to: Rockbox 3.6 and beyond by nix
Parent article: Rockbox 3.6 and beyond

I'd love to use rockbox on my ipod, but its missing good support for one feature that I really need. Namely, the ipod accessory protocol. I have an ipod kit for my car and it enables me to fully control my ipod from the radio. As rockbox doesn't fully support it (would probably need Rockbox's database support to do it right), its more useful to me in iPod mode than in Rockbox mode.

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Rockbox 3.6 and beyond

Posted Jun 16, 2010 16:44 UTC (Wed) by alex (subscriber, #1355) [Link]

It certainly supports some of the accessory protocols as I can dock it and control it (play/pause/next/back) from my Ikon Radio. I assume you need more?

Are the protocols used by cars documented anywhere?

Rockbox 3.6 and beyond

Posted Jun 17, 2010 4:59 UTC (Thu) by spotter (subscriber, #12199) [Link]

yes, my car kit supports basically all the ipod's functions, most importantly browse (artist/album/playlists). Basically, I keep my iPod in the glove box at all times (except when bringing it inside to change whats on it), and being able to do wma/ogg on the iPod over car kit is great, but not outweighed by losing all "database" type functionality.

and as I said, i know rockbox has a database function, but its not really made to work with the ipod accessory support.

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