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A look at GNOME Shell

A look at GNOME Shell

Posted Jun 10, 2010 13:52 UTC (Thu) by sorpigal (subscriber, #36106)
Parent article: A look at GNOME Shell

I love cool new UIs as much as anyone (probably more) but I don't like this GNOME Shell business very much. The GNOME project should not be in the business of changing the way I use my computer, not even if it's "better" that way. They've tried it before (hello spatial nautilus) and I didn't like it then, either. GNOME should be in the business of letting me use the computer my way; that is, it should adapt to me and not the other way around.

Can the top-of-the-screen bar be moved to a different screen edge? Can it be resized? Can the layout of the overview be altered? Can I change the shortcut keybindings? Can I revert to 'classic' alt+tab behavior? Is there way to show a pager at all times? These are just a few non-starters that effect my own workflow.

Why can't we just add GNOME panel apps to the 'new' top-of-the-screen panel? The argument against them seems to be "well they aren't that useful are they." In that case just leave them out by default but give me the option of adding them and if they're really not useful no one will add them. Some of us *like* dockapps and won't ever be persuaded by arguments like "It's really not the best user interface for that kind of task." Rethink the underlying paradigms all you like but don't remove the ones I use just because you've found your UI religion.

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