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Diaspora: toward free social networking

Diaspora: toward free social networking

Posted Jun 3, 2010 18:39 UTC (Thu) by jospoortvliet (subscriber, #33164)
In reply to: Diaspora: toward free social networking by ejr
Parent article: Diaspora: toward free social networking

Well, I agree it is weird others did not get the attention Diaspora got (esp considering they're actively working, see OwnCloud). But it IS an interesting lesson - communicating through the right venues and asking for money simply WORKS. Other communities have experienced similar things, like the Krita team with their hugely successful fundraiser and I think we should learn from it. Having a good site and a good story is often more powerful than actually having a good product... As KDE dude this situation pains me as we often have superior technology and a hugely active community yet get overlooked because others are simply talking louder. We try to speak up more, but many in our community (including promo peeps like myself) are simply too humble to be as unbalanced-positive as commercial parties (and some FOSS communities) manage to be.

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Diaspora: toward free social networking

Posted Jun 4, 2010 10:36 UTC (Fri) by adamsaltiel (guest, #67111) [Link]

I think there must be several reasons why Diaspora has found an audience. The change to Facebook privacy settings and their mishandling (technical and PR) of this being foremost.
I also think that Diaspora will have to go down a path that incorporates a lot of earlier work.
One place where the jury is still very much out is in the use of a protocol such as XMPP. I can't see the need for it and it will greatly complicate everything. I think HTTP and plain old URLs are good. I think that the foaf+ssl technique for authentication is also good.
Of course there is another issue here. If everything is supposed to be untrackable and invisible, a DarkNet, with a mechanism that will expose or hide items at the will of the item owner, then there would have to be a translation layer between a set of unknown (hidden) URLs and public URLs. This might be better in IP6. It seems excessive but maybe better than struggling with XMPP?

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