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Micro-commits versus non-regressive commits

Micro-commits versus non-regressive commits

Posted May 27, 2010 16:33 UTC (Thu) by alex (subscriber, #1355)
In reply to: Controvery over commit styles by JohnLenz
Parent article: Interesting times for Linux Flash support

Sure the pressure for good working atomic commits is high when you can have working bisection in a DVCS. This is a good thing.

However I've often noticed with central VCS systems the pressure to commit before your set of disparate changes become too extensive.

Using a DVCS can alleviate that pressure by allowing you to develop locally with multiple small commits. Once you've fixed your regressions you can re-base into nice tidy commits, re-test and then push to the public repository.

AIUI Gnash is already using Bazaar so it really should be possible to have a clean commit history without breaking stuff on the way.

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