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Canonical Goes It Alone with Unity

Canonical Goes It Alone with Unity

Posted May 20, 2010 7:59 UTC (Thu) by jschrod (subscriber, #1646)
In reply to: Canonical Goes It Alone with Unity by ewan
Parent article: Canonical Goes It Alone with Unity

"*all* they're going to do ... is file a bug with Redhat"?

AFAIR, Kees opened an upstream bug before. He included a link to that in his RH report.

FTR: I use neither RHEL, Fedora, nor Ubuntu on my company or personal systems; I use openSUSE. So I'm not partial about any party. But having read about that storm in the teapot, I side with Kees and find yours and others accusations distasteful, as they leave off a very important part of that picture: that a non-kernel developer wanted to raise awareness of a serious bug and went to great length to develop test cases and confirmed that it is an upstream bug by testing the problem on another distribution now gets flamed for all his activity.

Obviously he is only allowed do so after Canonical has hired more kernel developers. That's ridiculous.

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