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Building DVD discs with Bombono

Building DVD discs with Bombono

Posted May 20, 2010 6:54 UTC (Thu) by eru (subscriber, #2753)
Parent article: Building DVD discs with Bombono

DVDs can support a lot of non-essential features (such as alternate audio tracks, animated menus, multiple subtitles,

Essentialness depends on where you expect the DVD to be seen. I haven't yet seen multiple angles, but just about every commercial DVD release I have ever seen has had multiple audio and subtitle tracks, so that copies can be sold in several countries.

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Building DVD discs with Bombono

Posted May 21, 2010 18:44 UTC (Fri) by n8willis (subscriber, #43041) [Link]

So that's kind of a "marketing essential" then. Lacking either doesn't make the disc invalid. For homebrew discs, like Bombono targets the creation of, the list of essential features is pretty small. That's all that phrase means.


Building DVD discs with Bombono

Posted May 22, 2010 9:30 UTC (Sat) by Creideiki (subscriber, #38747) [Link]

Multiple angles are not very common, and certainly not for (what I assume was) their original purpose. However, I have a few DVD:s where the opening and ending credits have different languages as different camera angles, since there's way too much text to fit in a subtitle track, and a few others where the alternate camera angle is the storyboards, as a bonus feature.

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