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ptxdist was forgotten

ptxdist was forgotten

Posted May 6, 2010 13:47 UTC (Thu) by jpfrancois (subscriber, #65948)
Parent article: Tools and distributions for embedded Linux development

You did not mention PTXdist, which is a great tool.

I find it more powerful than buildroot, yet less complex than buildroot.
You have a menuconfig based system, with rules for many packages , but adding packages, or customizing existing ones through new rules and patches is really easy.

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ptxdist was forgotten

Posted May 7, 2010 6:36 UTC (Fri) by bohansen (guest, #65968) [Link]

I agree, PTXDist is a great tool. Add to this the OSELAS.toolchain ( and you have a cross compiling environment running out of the box in very short time.
The good thing is that you actually don't need to learn that many new tools. If you are used to make files and kernel config from linux then you just need to get used to the ptxdist commands.

They have some good tutorials to get started ( if anybody is interested.

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