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Qubes: security by virtualization

Qubes: security by virtualization

Posted May 6, 2010 13:08 UTC (Thu) by sorpigal (subscriber, #36106)
In reply to: Qubes: security by virtualization by spotter
Parent article: Qubes: security by virtualization

This is interesting. I like that people are looking in to things like this. As just an average user I would be interested in seeing, in the not too distant future, a system where isolation brings me network transparency for free (or cheap). Ideally I'd like to be able to suspend an application or set of applications (ie, a workspace) on one system, transfer it to another host, and restore it with its state remaining the same. This is possible today at the VM level but requires a complete, heavy OS instance for each workspace/application. The idea is to achieve app-bundle-like ability to transfer programs on a network without requiring one directory per app and to also permit me to care even less what computer I'm actually sitting at.

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Qubes: security by virtualization

Posted May 6, 2010 13:22 UTC (Thu) by spotter (subscriber, #12199) [Link]

we can already do that, see my other research, work I've done closely w/ Oren Laadan (who was the lead on the checkpoint/restart portion and is now trying to get it into the kernel itself)

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