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The case of the overly anonymous anon_vma

The case of the overly anonymous anon_vma

Posted Apr 24, 2010 20:45 UTC (Sat) by efexis (guest, #26355)
In reply to: The case of the overly anonymous anon_vma by ewen
Parent article: The case of the overly anonymous anon_vma

"That fix makes me wonder about the "daemon startup" situation"

I don't think that matters (if I've interpreted what's said above correctly), as the page is unlikely to be unlinked from all the processes between the daemon fork()s taking place, as those initial processes are going to be pretty short lived. When the top process terminates, the next process down the list would have to take on the links, which will require some work, but no more than what would have to be done if this was done earlier in the game if you knew that the child was going to live longer. The only way it would save time would be if the memory was unlinked (eg, paged out), then paged back in and linked to the shorter running process - picking the longest running process would be more ideal. But yeah, for a process to be running long enough for this to happen probably rules out the ability to predict which is going to end sooner.

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