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Reminder: LWN reader survey

We would like to remind some of you and inform the others that we are conducting a reader survey. The intent is to create a "media kit", which will help us sell better advertising. The hope is for the ads to be higher quality, both in terms of appearance and revenue, so that we can run fewer ads but bring in more money. To do that, we need to be able to describe LWN and its readers to advertisers in terms they understand. We would really appreciate you taking a few minutes to fill out the survey. There is some more information on the media kit project there as well. Please take the time to tell us a bit about yourself; doing so will help us provide a more pleasant and successful LWN for everybody.

The LWN site code does not allow for comments on surveys directly, and we noticed that some of you had thoughts about it. Thanks for the email, but you can now also comment below. We are aware that some of the survey questions can have multiple interpretations or don't cover every situation and for that we apologize.

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Reminder: LWN reader survey

Posted Apr 22, 2010 7:58 UTC (Thu) by ekj (guest, #1524) [Link]

It's been a while since we had a update on the status of Lwn. Perhaps it'd be time to post an update ? Or maybe there was one, and I missed it...

You remember what happened when you tried closing Lwn. We don't want a repeat, if the situation ain't satisfactory, please say so in a clear way, lots of us care as much as we did then, and would love to help.

For a start, I upgraded to Project Leader. It's just $5, but I reckon ever little bit helps.

Reminder: LWN reader survey

Posted Apr 22, 2010 17:50 UTC (Thu) by alfille (subscriber, #1631) [Link]

Reminds me of the old days of getting complementary PC Week and InfoWorld subscriptions. I was responsible for 115% of North American computer purchases, just like everyone else.

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