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Receive flow steering

Receive flow steering

Posted Apr 8, 2010 16:57 UTC (Thu) by cventers (guest, #31465)
In reply to: Receive flow steering by intgr
Parent article: Receive flow steering

How often does a reschedule happen these days? As far as I can last remember, the kernel doesn't do it more than a handful of times per second, right?

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Receive flow steering

Posted Aug 3, 2010 14:15 UTC (Tue) by SEJeff (subscriber, #51588) [Link]

It completely depends on your hardware, and how your application works.

watch -n1 cat /proc/interrupts

Look for the line that says "Rescheduling interrupts". If your apps are loading up with some sort of io such as sssd block io or very fast network io, the scheduler tends to flip out. Thats causes your app to slow down due to being rescheduled. The solution is to setup the affinity of your block devices, network cards, or applications.

In short... depending on your hardware and applications, it can still very much be an issue.

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